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Term Life insurance offers you and your family valuable protection at lowest cost.  Term life insurance typically runs 1/10th the the cost of whole life insurance.   You can request an instant quote here or continue on for more detail on term life insurance coverage.

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Key points for Term life insurance in California

There are three main considerations with Term life insurance:

1.  Amount of term life insurance   Term life insurance is one of the simpler types of coverage in that you are purchasing a defined amount of life insurance for a defined period of time at a fixed rate.  The first consideration is how much coverage is needed.  This is a decision driven my your budgeted amount for premium and how much would needed.  Of course, the last consideration is the most important.  A good idea to consider how much would be needed to allow your loved one's to continue with the same type of life without your income stream.

2.  Term of life insurance  How long can also vary depending on your needs.  A good idea is determine at one point...say for your children...that your primary responsibility will be significantly lessened.  Another idea is to determine how much would pay off current financial liabilities such as a mortgage. 

3.  Carrier strength  It is important to choose a strong carrier with financial stability so that your coverage will be there in the future.  All our listed carriers list the financial ratings for all carriers. 

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