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At plansforhealth.net feel free to contact us anytime with questions on purchasing a wide variety of insurance products and services including individual and family health, life, dental, vision, and disability coverage.  For businesses sizes 2-50 we also handle health, dental, life, vision, flex 125 cafeteria plans, and much more.  We are also typically happy to help steer you in the right direction even if we don’t offer an insurance product which you need.


For assistance with health, dental, vision, and life insurance please call us toll free at 1-866-486-651 or email us at individual@plansforhealth.net.  You may have received a recent rate increase on your plan and just want to shop it around.  We are happy to show you competitive quotes and will advise you about what you are getting with your current plan vs. what is available on the rest of the market.  To run an instant quote for individual and family coverage click here.


If you own a small business with employee size 2-50 please contact us right away to find out if you are getting the best benefits for your premiums.  Many self employed folks often wonder why they might purchase a small business plan as opposed to an individual and family plan.  At www.plansforhealth.net we are happy to advise you on pricing, benefits, and plan qualification questions.  The three main reasons why people purchase small business coverage as opposed to individual plans are 1) the plans can be offered to employees as company benefits, 2) the premiums are tax deductible to the business, and 3) the insurance is guaranteed issue regardless of company health condition for qualifying businesses. You can run an instant quote for small group California health insurance by clicking here.  We are happy to scan the marketplace for you and advise if creative strategies like health savings accounts, fixed employer premium contributions with multiple plan offers, or even health reimbursement accounts.  Our agents can be reached for questions on qualifying for coverage, quotes, or billing and claims issues toll free at 1-866-486-6551 or email is smallgroup@plansforhealth.net.


Did you know when you turn age 65 you can no longer purchase an individual and family plan as a new member, but you can keep your old individual and family plan beyond age 65 if you like the pricing and the benefits?  But, typically the California consumer will move to Medicare and a Medicare Supplement because the health coverage for the premium cost is still an extremely strong value for the consumer.  If you are turning 65 or are over 65 and have recently retired and are coming off your employer sponsored plan contact us right away and we’ll guide you through the forest of data and information into a great plan for your situation.  We can be reached by phone at 1-866-486-6551 or email is senior@plansforhealth.net.  Or, run an instant quote on your own anytime at senior instant medicare supplement quote


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